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Japan and GE are behind the Chattogram division buildout

Japanese and US companies are pushing costly LNG on Bangladesh, exposing Bangladesh’s economy to the volatile prices of imported fuels. Corporations like Sumitomo Corporation (Sumitomo), Mitsubishi Corporation (Mitsubishi), JERA, and General Electric (GE) are holding Bangladesh as financial hostages so they can profit from the buildout of more polluting power.

The companies involved

These are the companies that are building out the fossil fuel pipeline in the Chattogram region.

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Table 1: Japanese companies with sponsorship in Chattogram LNG power plants

Company wdt_ID Project name Equity stake Capacity (MW)  Relative capacity owned (MW)
JERA (22% equity shareholder of Summit) 1 Matarbari Summit LNG Power Plant (Summit's share of JV is 55%, making JERA's effective equity stake ~12%) 12% 2,400 290
Mitsui & Co 3 CPGCBL-Mitsui 500-630 MW LNG Based CCPP 50% 630 315
Itochu 5 Anwara 700MW CCPP Unknown 700 Unknown

General Electric

US headquartered General Electric is involved in three LNG to power projects and is either involved or bidding on all four LNG terminals in the Chattogram region. Despite setting a goal to become carbon neutral in its facilities and operations by 2030, GE includes polluting technologies like gas power as a part of its energy transformation strategy.

Market Forces worked with five Bangladeshi artists to call on General Electric (GE), to stop pushing new fossil fuel projects in Bangladesh. The Electric Bangladesh: Fossil Free Futures exhibition calls for a safe and secure future, one where lives and livelihoods are not disrupted, and where Bangladeshis have electricity produced from renewable energy like wind power that GE Vernova has the capacity to deliver.

Japanese and US companies represent two-thirds of all known foreign sponsors of Chattogram LNG to power projects.

The significant number of Japanese companies involved in multiple roles, including sponsor, engineering procurement and construction contractor (EPC) building projects, or lender makes it a clear conflict of interest for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to be developing the new power development plan for Bangladesh.

Companies like Mitsubishi, JERA, and Sumitomo are doubling down on their support of fossil fuel expansion in Chattogram, despite making commitments to net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Help keep fossil fuels out of Chattogram (and the rest of Bangladesh)!

Send a message to GE, Mitsubishi, JERA, JICA and other companies urging them to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure, to protect the livelihoods and health of local communities and our climate, and preserve this region, its beautiful beaches and wildlife.

The projects

20GW of fossil fuel projects are proposed for the Chattogram region.

Table 2: List of proposed LNG power projects in Chattogram and rest of Bangladesh

wdt_ID Project name Capacity (MW) Completion Scheduled Sponsor District/Province
1 Anwara 590 MW CCPP 590 2027 United Enterprises Chattogram
2 Anwara 600 MW CCPP 600 2026 Jalalabad Electric Power Company Chattogram
3 Anwara 700MW CCPP 700 N/A KEPCO, AKH PP Project, Itochu Chattogram
4 Ashuganj 450 MW CCPP (Replacement Project) 450 2028 Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd (APSCL) Chattogram
5 Ashuganj 600 MW CCPP (Replacement Project) 600 2031 Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd (APSCL) Chattogram
6 Ashuganj 600MW CCPP at B-Type Area (Phase 1) 600 2037 Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd (APSCL) Chattogram
7 Ashuganj 600MW CCPP at B-Type Area (Phase 2) 600 2041 Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd (APSCL) Chattogram
8 Boalkhali 400 MW CCPP (Phase 1) 400 2038 Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL) Chattogram
9 Boalkhali 400 MW CCPP (Phase 2) 400 2041 Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL) Chattogram
10 CPGCBL-Mitsui 500-630 MW LNG Based CCPP 630 2028 Coal Power Generation Company Bangladesh Limited (CPGCBL), Mitsui & Co Chattogram

*CCPP = Combined Cycle Power Plant

This map shows the projects proposed for the Chattogram region

Bangladesh map with project locations
This graphic was produced in 2022 and does not reflect our latest research. For more up-to-date figures see the tables above.

A Carbon Catastrophe in the Making: The dirty energy plans in Chattogram, Bangladesh

This report details the fossil fuel buildout in Chattogram. Known throughout Bangladesh for its beautiful beaches and mountainous terrains with deep tropical forests, the Chattogram division of Bangladesh is now at risk of being the location of one of the world’s biggest carbon catastrophes. Plans by companies predominantly from Japan and the United States to massively expand fossil fuels in Bangladesh overwhelmingly focus on the Chattogram division, the location of two-thirds of the proposed new fossil fuel capacity in Bangladesh.