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The beautiful beaches & landscapes of Chattogram are at risk from massive coal, LNG buildout. @MofaJapan_en @jica_direct_en #Mitsubishi #JERA @Official_Chuden @TEPCO_English: Stop your plans for polluting projects. Bangladeshis deserve a clean energy future. #fossilfreechattogram
#Matarbari1 construction is already harming communities in Chattogram. Japan is pushing more polluting coal and LNG in the region. @MofaJapan_en @jica_direct_en #Mitsubishi #JERA @Official_Chuden @TEPCO_English stop backing dirty energy now! #fossilfreechattogram
@MofaJapan_en @jica_direct_en #Mitsubishi #JERA @Official_Chuden @TEPCO_English: it’s time to put an end to your dirty coal and LNG plans in Bangladesh. Protect the climate and the beautiful region of Chattogram by backing renewables. #fossilfreechattogram
Japanese companies are pushing climate-wrecking coal and LNG projects in Chattogram, Bangladesh. @MofaJapan_en @jica_direct_en @METI_JPN: Back clean, renewable energy not polluting coal and LNG. We demand #fossilfreechattogram
The sandy beaches and lush green forests of Chattogram are at risk from coal and LNG buildout. @MofaJapan_en @jica_direct_en #Mitsubishi #JERA @Official_Chuden @TEPCO_English must stop harming the climate. End dirty energy plans now! #fossilfreechattogram

A Carbon Catastrophe in the Making: The dirty energy plans in Chattogram, Bangladesh

This report details the fossil fuel buildout in Chattogram. Known throughout Bangladesh for its beautiful beaches and mountainous terrains with deep tropical forests, the Chattogram division of Bangladesh is now at risk of being the location of one of the world’s biggest carbon catastrophes. Plans by companies predominantly from Japan and the United States to massively expand fossil fuels in Bangladesh overwhelmingly focus on the Chattogram division, the location of two-thirds of the proposed new fossil fuel capacity in Bangladesh.